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WOG - GYM Exercises & Routines


KEY WORDS: GYM, Routines, Exercise, Workout, Training, Body Building, Fitness, Athlete, Health, Guide, Coach, Exercises, WOG, etc.WOG is a gadget for the people who wants to improve their life through exercise. It is very easy to use because our priority is USER EXPERIENCE, start your bodybuilding today.
WOG offers you: around 150 EXERCISES, organized by muscular groups, with the enough information you need to know about them; 4 FREE ROUTINES, a great ROUTINE MANAGER for you to create, add/remove exercises and activate the routine you want to train every day; a FIT-TEST section to record your progress every 15 days; a STATISTICS section for you to view graphically your progress; and finally AN INTELLIGENT ADVISER that notify you what exercises you need to do today according to your routine activated and when to do your fit-tests in order to follow your progress. In summary, all the tools you need to reach your goals.
The sections of WOG explained in detail are:
EXERCISE GUIDEMore than 150 different exercises organized by muscular groups with clear Images, explanation of the exercise, information about involved muscles, etc.
ROUTINESHere you have a great and easy routine manager were we give you 4 free routines(WOG, Full Body for Beginners, Michelle Lewin and Zyzz), moreover you can create, edit and delete your own routines adding all the exercises you want from the exercises section or delete them whenever you want. Finally the best, you can choose and activate whichever routine you want to train weekly.
ROUTINE ACTIVEThis is a quick access for you to watch your active routine and know what you need to train every day or when you have rest days.
FIT TESTHere you will be able to record your progress and according to the information you provide we'll tell you your body fat percentage.
STATISTICSWe designed this section for you to watch graphically your progress according to the information provided in every fit-test.
PROFILEHere you only need to register your name and sex, using that information and the provided in the fit-test section we will estimate your body fat % every time you record your progress in a fit-test.
INTELLIGENT ADVISERIt will notify you every time you need to do a fit-test and the exercises for the current day according to your routine active
Hope you love WOG as much as we do, because we use it every day!